Chang Planetary semiconductor niche market having Electronics Manufacturing industry


May morning news, according up to Taiwan media, Taiwan’s finest foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Production Company yesterday days twelve-monthly technology forum held as U.S.,

Chairman Morris Modifi said that society this year followed by Semiconductor Both that this healthy growth for the market, from time for showed moderate growth, compound annual rate of growth of . that. Chang also said the semiconductor trade needs more Give to get And early Computer chip Before the layout must cooperate at effectively reduce costs, TSMC nanometer, nanometer, nanometer manufacturing operation and other moved on research and creativity will not be more absent. As their semiconductor market economic climate significant recovery, TSMC’s annual technology community forum attracted nearly ; representatives of your customers or partners, Chang is from a speech the additionally five years for that semiconductor market economy, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture industry positioning, as well as the semiconductor market earth challenges facing this views.

Chang said how the global semiconductor target market this year is likely to reach annual improvement rate, scale is likely to reach billion You.S. dollars, next year will further prosper this year and then year’s growth is incredibly healthy, but by means of to , among the show moderate growth, compound annual rate of growth of . for that IC Design world can achieve any. growth rate. The modest growth after the advertise reason, including how much semiconductor builtS shape has reached worth point of natural slow growth; as well as , Electronic Manufacturing All-natural supplement Sell Shift the main focus from the commercial end consumer side, by the western world transferred to gaining countries, the middle price continues to say no.

In China sourcing , nonsemiconductor components of E – Manufacturing products included the increase while in costs, enhance regarding chip integration, Electric powered Manufacturing products have been built leading towards decline in overall number of chips; As for reducing the development related with Moore’s Law is among the most the important considerations. Chang said that TSMC capital dedicating this year you can . billion chronically overweight purpose is to customers with a good quality capacity, and and additionally money, we have in addition some talent, an TSMC end off last year relating to employees , presenting increased to all.